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User Info: AlkalineProdigy

5 years ago#1
I'm really looking forward to this DLC. Are you?
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User Info: Wolf11x

5 years ago#2
Indeed. Sadly, I'm thinking it's only a level or two, given the price tag of $3.

User Info: matrix_morty

5 years ago#3
I'm not expecting much but I'll be buying it.
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User Info: MasterOGA

5 years ago#4
It sucks :) The leaders are WAY too hard on the final 2 difficulties to solo it. Unblockable, invisible/teleportation attacks with additional enemies all over the screen? Yeah....
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User Info: donElway

5 years ago#5
^^^ you never fought Gannon in Zelda did you? just keep spamming your ice/large swing/stun until they stop, then beat their face.

wash rinse repeat.

If you are talking redonkulose, then yes...they are almost as tough as ruby weapon from FF7. ;)

(not even close to emerald weapon though. no other video game boss comes close)

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