List of Rare Items

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play on Hard or Chaos with character listed in party.

Prayer Beads: Automatically triggers Support Attacks when player dives.
Chapter 1: Battle of Yiling – Da Ji or Keiji Maeda, 2000 K.O.s

Spirit Armor: Spirit Charges will occasionally use up no Musou.
Chapter 1: Battle of Ueda Castle – Nobunaga Oda, 1500 K.O.s

Musou Magatama: Special Attacks will occasionally use up no Musou.
Chapter 1: Battle of Dongkou – Sun Wukong, 1500 K.O.s

Raiment of Unrest: Become temporarily invincible following a sidestep.
Chapter 1: Battle of Shouchun – Zhang Liao, 1000 K.O.s

Iron Gauntlets: Enemy attacks are rendered ineffective when using a Charge Attack.
Chapter 1: Battle of Nagashino – Zhou Tai, 1000 K.O.s

Musou Armor: Enemy projectile attacks will not knock player back.
Chapter 1: Battle of Odawara Castle – Wang Yuanji, 1500 K.O.s

Eight Hand Mirror: Occasionally repel enemy projectile attacks when mounted.
Chapter 2: Battle of Hasedo – Kunoichi, 2000 K.O.s

Gold Gauntlets: Cannot be knocked over when blocking.
Chapter 2: Battle of Kyushu – Sun Shangxiang, 1500 K.O.s

Demon Mask: Enables attacks from behind to be blocked.
Chapter 2: Battle of Nanzhong – Xiahou Ba, 1500 K.O.s

Vestment of Voidance: Nullifies attributes of enemy attacks.
Chapter 2: Battle of Anegawa – Huang Zhong or Guo Huai, 2000 K.O.s

Gauntlets of Vitality: Refills a certain amount of Life Gauge when executing a Counterattack.
Chapter 2: Battle of Mt. Dingjun – No, 1500 K.O.s

Gauntlets of Malice: Refills a certain amount of Musou Gauge when executing a Counterattack.
Chapter 2: Battle of Xuchang – Sanzang, 1000 K.O.s

Tome of Medicine: Doubles effects of recovery items.
Chapter 2: Battle of Sekigahara – Ranmaru Mori, 1000 K.O.s

True Vision: Doubles Attack for a certain time when Life Gauge becomes red.
Chapter 2: Battle of Luoyang – Dong Zhuo, 1000 K.O.s

Iron Armor: Doubles Defense for a certain time when Life Gauge becomes red.
Chapter 3: Battle of Tong Gate – Motonari Mori, 1000 K.O.s

Rabbitskin Leggings: Doubles Speed for a certain time when Life Gauge becomes red.
Chapter 3: Battle of Yangping Gate – Nezha or Diaochan, 1000 K.O.s

Sun Tzu’s Art of War: Extends effective time of ability-increasing items.
Chapter 3: Battle of Shi zugatake – Zhenji, Lu Bu, or Ina, 1500 K.O.s

Pleiades Belt: Increases likelihood of obtaining high quality weapons.
Chapter 3: Battle of Changban – Xiaoqiao, Ryu Hayabusa or Bao Sanniang, 1000 K.O.s

Matsukaze Saddle: Begin battle mounted on Matsukaze.
Chapter 3: Battle of Honnoji – Ayane, 1500 K.O.s

Red Hare Saddle: Begin battle mounted on Red Hare.
Chapter 3: Battle of Fan Castle – Xu Huang, Wang Yi or Joan of Arc, 1500 K.O.s

Bear Saddle: Begin battle mounted on a bear.
Chapter 3: Battle of Yamazaki – Zhang He, 1000 K.O.s

Elephant Saddle: Begin battle mounted on an elephant.
Chapter 3: Battle of Hulao Gate – Achilles, 1500 K.O.s
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this has been post countless of times before , try to search topic next time before post. and its not really accurate about the two horse saddle. you can use other characters as well to get it beside the ones you mention
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Yeah, if you're going to repost something that's been posted many times, you might want to make sure it's accurate.
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this has all the English names as they appear in this game for the items and stages, so no more "what are Nagasaka and Yohei Seki" questions.
And yes I did a search before posting, there 2 pages of topics for rare items, but none of them listed the items completely like this, not to mention explaining what they do; most just gave links to other sites with the translated names that cause confusion, and lack descriptions of what the items do.
I'm also aware that there are more characters that can be used than what I listed, doesn't mean the list is inaccurate, it still works, it's just not completely accurate.
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Thanks :D
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Nice, english-text version.

P.S. Please add that after the necessary kills, the treasure will drop in form of item box near that kill location. Players need to get it in order to obtain the rare item.
We can also check the battle log to see the treasure location. Sometimes we got the kill in the middle of the crowd and it's easy to miss the item drop.

To other posters,
Instead of bashing TC attempts to help other gamers, you can let TC knows what other characters that can be used to obtain those two saddles(or other items).
Who knows, maybe there are players out there who don't want to include Ayane in the team at all and that bar him/her from getting the saddle.
That way you contribute to the greater good of WO3 communities.

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Thanks J2006! Man I needed this English version cause I did the one for Zhou Tai and it said Treasure appeared but I didnt see a box any where (ran around for a minute looking for it). I got the Braces and wondered if it was the rare item. I did the stage again and didnt get the "treasure" message. So maybe I opened the box while slashing away with Zhou Tai and collected it without noticing.
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is more updated than yours btw
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The Musou Magatama can be aquired without using sunwukong i know my brother got the item but he can't remeber what team or person he used plus he does not even have sun wukong available.
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whoops i mean the spirit armor :P
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