Help with stage unlocking

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Read up on it a little and im confused about one thing, how do I figure out which characters to get friendly with? The recommended ones?
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There are stages that get unlocked by recruiting characters in the main story doing Redux maps. And others occur by randomly cycling your characters such as Wang Yi and Ina. Others are by increasing Bonds. The characters needed to increase bonds are in the stage description. Wait until chapter 4 to get he Moon viewing option which increases bonds between the character you are controlling on the map and a selected character which gets you 150 Bond Points per Moon viewing. It takes 2 viewings (300) and one battle between selected characters (40) to complete one level of a bond. After the battle which maxed your bonds talk to your party members to unlock the stage.
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Wow thanks alot. One more thing, I gotta do this to all the parties?
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No, for the stages that need to be unlocked via character bonding, there will be a very clear description of whose bonds you need to raise when you select the stage in the map.

READ the description of the stage, not the photos of the recommended character.

I've seen many players raising the bonds for the wrong characters.

The most common mistake:
Battle of Nanzhong
You need to increase bonds between Zhurong, Meng Huo and Zhang He

What people do:
Increase bonds between Zhurong, Meng Huo and Wei Yan.

Then they come here and start complaining why the stage is not unlocked for them.
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