What is Huang Gai trying to do...

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3 years ago#1
... to the enemy with his 2nd and 3rd regular attacks? Stab them with a blunt weapon? Shovel them away from Sun Quan? Draw lines on the ground that the enemies aren't allowed to cross? Dig a ditch for the enemy graves? Acting like he can't re-lift his club so he can finally retire with health benefits?

Man, Huang Gai's single-hand club and grenades are looking pretty good now...
3 years ago#2
They wanted to use my history book as a weapon of destruction... - Motonari Mori on his writing.
3 years ago#3
yea i know... the club moveset is horrible in this one. poking with something like that is just really impractical >_> even worse considering how he does like 3 or 4 pokes in a row in his square chain. oh hello chaos difficulty peons-AHFMSDXFKLO *dead*
imagine if someone picked up a TV and shoved it at you. it could hurt a bit depending on its size and force, yes, and maybe it could knock you down.
but if they SWUNG it? that'd knock your head clean right off and send you 20 ft in the air. why dont Huang Gai and Xu Zhu realize this >:(
3 years ago#4
I like the moveset. If you give them the Joke weapon that is a giant fist it looks like they're getting punched lol.

I use Huang Gai for the lols. Never on chaos. I like to run around and grapple everyone and punch them in the gut with a giant metal fist.
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