Korean analyses!

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Found one of the websites that have the topics of "serious talks: character x" for some characters in S.Korea. This guy isn't done but he has quite a bit. They are very short but it does give a slight(?) feeling of analyses. He does sot of share our character opinions. I just thought maybe this would be fun to do for a while...translating some. Let me know which ones if interested lol.


Also the Korean Orochi X forum:

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What does he say about Xu Huang?
This is awesome rofl.
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*Xu Huang:

"EX is raises defense but eh…don't see too much use in it. Special isn't anything to write home about."

I don't think this guy is too impressed with Xu Huang..but def buff is awesome though T_T
He wrote some other trivial things but most of them just talk about his aesthetics and what not.

EDIT: Only "broken" word that I've seen in his blogs so far are for Susano'o, Orochi X, Xiahou Ba, and Liu Shan. I haven't found characters like NuWa yet.
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Interested in Hanzo I like Korean/Japanese more because of their seriousness to videogames.
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Oh found NuWa >.<

*NuWa: "osmosis-abusable R1 is powerful. Awesome musou that's abusable. Doesn't have the best coverage and but great range with reach 10 that will bo beyond the screen for crowd control."

In the closing comment, he says NuWa is the only power-type female and that she's a very powerful character.

gwaposidemz posted...
Interested in Hanzo I like Korean/Japanese more because of their seriousness to videogames.

Let me find him.
Give me a moment >.<
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Hanzo was in another Korean blog:


"Hanzo was a rather difficult and tricky character to play. I had to play very cautiously. His R1 is pretty useful."

He apparently things Hanzo isn't a good character but not THAT bad as long as you play cautiously. I do have a question though…is he using brilliance there?
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yo could you do xiahou ba and ling tong?
much love
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What are their opinions on Zhuge Liang?
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wehomies posted...
yo could you do xiahou ba and ling tong?
much love

Ling Tong...might take a while since I can't find his name in Korean lol.
Xiahou Ba...eh...first of all Koreans also unanimously consider him a massively/beyond broken. I had a feeling you were going to ask about him lol...
Let's see...there are a lot of sources but I found few:

++++++++++++++++++++XIAHOU BA+++++++++++++++++++++

"His type-action (R1 special) is a buff that grants him huge boosts to his attacking speed and his mobility. It may seem a little short (10 seconds) but that would've been ven more ridiculous. During his buffed state, he's arguably the best character in the game. Hi EX charge attack has extrmeely long range and power. With his type-action (R1 special), it is capable of vaporizing the entire enemy line in a blink of an eye. "

This guy considers Xiahou Ba broken and with spammable R1 and EX, Xiahou Ba "demolishes/vapoizes" the entire enemy line very quickly. Some other talks about the popular Ba is below along with some links.

1) Guan Ping vs. Xiahou Ba: http://bbs1.ruliweb.daum.net/gaia/do/ruliweb/family/895/read?articleId=4922616&objCate1=&bbsId=G001&searchKey=subjectNcontent&itemGroupId=579&itemId=&sortKey=depth&searchValue=&#54616;&#54980;&#54056;&platformId=&pageIndex=1

"Xiahou Ba's special grants him an ability to become beyond broken. He has massive DPS, speed, and reach. "

2) http://bbs1.ruliweb.daum.net/gaia/do/ruliweb/family/895/read?articleId=4804699&objCate1=&bbsId=G001&searchKey=subjectNcontent&itemGroupId=579&itemId=&sortKey=depth&searchValue=&#54616;&#54980;&#54056;&platformId=&pageIndex=1

"With his special and his C4, C5, and C6…especially C4, his damage output is incredibly fast and powerful. Not to mention his very long range on his C4. He can kill any Chaos officers in 2 C4s."
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LordKarasuman posted...
What are their opinions on Zhuge Liang?

Let me check...it takes a while...lol
apparently, Koreans LOVE Xiahou Ba, Liu Shan, and Nu Wa to a certain degree (I think).
They have a term for the broken "Saghi"...which literally means cheap.
Let me find Zhuge Liang >.<

Edit: LordKira...are you a Korean or are you just fluent in Korean?
If Korean...Hiyo nim ^_^