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Anyone try playing this in 3D? (Archived)indica212/15/2013
Newa special attack exploit--probably old news (Archived)indica212/13/2013
Most TTA kill count. (Archived)Sengroth312/13/2013
It would be cool if they had more future or modern day stages. (Archived)indica312/9/2013
Can you use more than one element at once, like ice and bolt? (Archived)indica812/7/2013
Waifu Tier List (Archived)
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Any DLC worth it, like extra stages or anything? (Archived)indica412/4/2013
Warriors Orochi 3 carryover (Archived)coco2012212/4/2013
Hows the online? (Archived)NegaToby411/18/2013
Is it possible to trade weapons between characters? (Archived)sharpshooter188211/4/2013
what are good samurai games these days that we can buy? (Archived)oirnoj610/30/2013
2 questions regarding dlc (Archived)CHI666410/23/2013
Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (Archived)
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English menus and/or subtitles? (Archived)oremyself210/19/2013
Sophitia is good and all but.... (Archived)
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You know what really upsets me... (Archived)nemesisMKII210/2/2013
UK DLC issue (Archived)AzirFury510/2/2013
Question about "Special costume complete set" DLC (Archived)Split Infinity19/30/2013
ok can some one list the weapon classes? (Archived)xaton2359/23/2013
What is Warriors Orochi? How is it different from Dynasty Warriors? (Archived)
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