Favorite moves?(Musou, charge, ex, special ect.)

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3 years ago#1
I have a few so far

1. Huang Gai's Musou and Meng Huo's Musou, both officer killers

2. Meng Huo's C5 charge attack, he picks the dude up by the head, bull-rushes them through anyone in the way, then knockout punches them, very sweet looking imo.

3. Wei Yan's special attack, he jumps on the enemy, head butts them two or three times, them slams them on the ground, looks epic.

Whats your guys favorite looking moves?
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3 years ago#2
Musou: I'm a big fan of many new DW7 moves, but Zhuge Dan's and Guo Jia's are currently impressing me big time. Dan's just looks cool and sleek for someone so hard-headed, and Guo Jia's is super functional as it tends to center a lot of enemies in one place. Then with a quick Charge 4, I can normally get my health and musou back. Like a perfect pool shot. ;)

Special: This is tough, since I tend not to use specials, because they interfere with the power of Brilliance. That being said, I tend to like the rare specials that trigger Osmosis. Nemea's comes to mind. Special mention to Zhou Tai who, despite being speed and having a low-cost special, does extreme damage.

Moveset: I like way too many, but of everyone, I love that Sima Yi has regained his old moveset, since I've enjoyed him (and most of Wei) since DW3. Guo Jia also gets a mention here because of the orbs he sets up for future attacks all succumb to Briliance. So a quick charge 3 or two gives me a quick stunning elemental shield for a few seconds.
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3 years ago#3
zhou tais moveset, his c2 ex radial in particular.

i think toshiie maedas basic moveset is a lot of fun in a basic way., and hes brutal with brilliance.

i guess he exemplifies a "warrior" in my mind (especially his 4th costume). his musou and special are just meh, but they interfere with brilliance anyway.

motochikas special is awesome.

zhang jiaos musou is awesome. him and zhou tai are the only characters i can think of who can actually start acting again before their specials are even done damaging/staggering enemies, and both have huge aoes and good damage to boot. a damn shame the rest of his moveset is pretty crappy, but still impressive for the semi-joke leader of the yellow turbans.
3 years ago#4
Just for the record C1 is just pressing Y. C2 would be XY. Been a fan of the series a long time, sorry to be a little anal.

All that matters is Achillies' C5. Flips you over his shield and then impales you. The move is so awesome it kills people who are watching you.

Also Zhou Tai. Anyone who has unlocked his full moveset knows why he doesn't need an explanation aside from C6.

Best Musou is tied for me between Xu Huang and Jia Xu. Xu Huang rips a boulder out of the ground and Jia Xu just ninjas the F*** out.

I don't really use the special moves all that much. I prefer to save my musou for using my musou. I don't like the fact that every special uses musou. I miss how speed characters had 2 special moves that most of the time used no musou.
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3 years ago#5
Not sure about favorite move. Hard to say in a game with this many characters with X amount of moves each.

Favorite Musou? Shuten-Doji, bar none, hands down. Growing thirty feet tall and stomping all over an enemy army is just too much fun. I love extending it whenever I can, and it's especially hilarious when it one-shots named troops with one of the several hits. I suppose it's understandable when you have a 30 foot demon stomping on you, but by far this one's the most fun.
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3 years ago#7
Ah, then to clarify I like Meng Huo's C6.
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