ny new idea for WO4 (part2)

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3 years ago#1
thank to everyone who have read and replied and my last topic called New ideas for WO4 - enter the gundam.
reading your replies i can conclude that it would be a flop and a bad idea.

new idea....
DW / SW and ... Gods, Goddess and demi god from the greek mythology.

introducing new characters such as :
and much more

new elemental power -
water - damages them while dazed for a few seconds
Earth - pushes enemies with force while damaging them

New Bad -
3 years ago#2
Hm... As much as I like greek mythology and god of war, I don't see them fitting in this game. Most characters (except Orochi) are normal people with extremely good abilities. Adding gods and balancing them could be the worst thing that could happen because
A) They wouldn't be gods
B) All humans would be extremely powerful to have a chance at defeating a god.
3 years ago#3
*Play as Poseiden*

*Flood the entire battlefield, drowning the enemy*


No thanks
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3 years ago#4
Well, they don't have to be the gods, why not adding the rest of Warriors of Troy cast and maybe bladestorm as well.

The enemies can be the titans from greek myth (but in human form).
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3 years ago#5
if you think about the mystics, they are gods themselves so having greek gods wouldn't mess the game
3 years ago#6
With the mystics in the game with such things like time travel i don't think the inclusion of gods is that far fetched but it wouldn't be greek gods that wouldn't make sense it would have to be chinese gods.
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3 years ago#7
Well. since that the true ending of the game ends with the worlds being separated, I highly doubt that there will be another orochi game,and if there was, what would the story be? Since Da Ji joins the good guys, Orochi no longer has anyone who warships him, and the worlds are separated now, there wouldnt be much story to the game unless some other ancient demon finds a way to restore orochi to his true form, and remakes the world without the whole *BOOOM * end of the world thing,then we would be talking. but now, its highly unlikely
3 years ago#8
I can't see the Greek Gods really becoming an important part. Asian myths, maybe. Fu Xi and Nu Wa are Chinese gods of something or other, I forget what. Technically, so is Guan Yu. (He's the God of Commerce.) But no Greek gods. The stupid Greek gods are in everything. I can't even browse my local video game store without seeing five or six games with Greek gods. They've been done to death. I've had Greek/Roman mythology shoved down my throat since first grade. I hate it by now. I could live with Norse Gods. I like Norse Gods. Maybe even the Egyptian Gods. Heck, I'll even take the Aztec Gods! Just don't make me play another game with Greek or Roman Gods. Please. I'm so sick of them at this point... But it's not like they can do the old storyline anymore. Orochi isn't even evil at the end of WO3.

If you play as Orochi after you unlock him, you find out that Orochi has joined up with the good guys, too. Because he figures since he started all of it, it should be up to him to end all of it. He actually becomes pretty close friends with the other characters if you bother to build his bonds. He starts making jokes and becomes buddies with Susano'o, Nobunaga Oda, Sun Wukong and Dong Zhuo. He kind of flirts with Da Ji, too, but it's not much.

It's the real Orochi, not Orochi X, that makes friends, though. Orochi X is actually kind of a moron. Makes sense, since he's actually the Hydra. All brawn, no brains. You max out Orochi X's bonds and you get 3 different ways of the same character saying 'I hate you' to him. Example: Da Ji bond lv. 1: You're boring. bond lv. 2: You're single-minded. bond lv. 3: You frustrate me.

If you take Orochi along to kill the Hydra and the Orochi clones it spits out when it dies, he considers them an insult. Orochi X has pretty dull dialogue; it's mostly "DESTROY" over and over... So since even Orochi is a good guy now, there's practically no way to continue the story along the same lines, unless he has a drastic change of heart. I think the Warriors Orochi games are pretty much done for. I'll miss them, since a lot of the WO exclusive characters were favorites of mine, but I don't see what else they can do.
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3 years ago#9
This seems more like it would be it's own separate game rather then a Warriors game... >3>
3 years ago#10
If I'm not mistaken, Nu Wa and Fu Xi are basically adam and eve of Chinese mythology.
I'm an excellent judge of character. I think you'll find my assessments to be right on the money. - Miranda Lawson
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