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3 years ago#1
So...I thought maxing proficiency for each character unlocks all their costumes and the wallpaper. With this in mind I assumed I'd get both the wallpaper trophy and costume trophy at the same time.

Currently, I have S Rank proficiency for every character, I have the wallpaper trophy but I haven't got the costume one.

I've double checked in character selection screen to see if I was missing anyone's S Rank, I know I've unlocked every character too.

So someone once asked if there was a costume checklist somewhere where we can see who has how many costumes. I have no idea who is missing their costume and there is no way I remember how many KOs each character has got to test if KOs unlocks the costume. I'm not gonna sit around for an hour on a loading screen to see each random characters' stats either.
3 years ago#2
I don't even have WO3 yet, but I think DW Strikeforce counts stages completed for one of the costume unlocks. I'd be a little surprised you got everyone to S without completing enough stages, but you might want to experiment in that direction.
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3 years ago#3
there are 132 playable characters if i've gotten both achievements and it requires S rank. if you haven't unlocked it then you still have some work to do. you might just be missing 1 or 2 but unless you've beaten every level you won't have unlocked everyone.
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3 years ago#4
Well, I'll try completing more stages for some characters. That could be it since I got each character to S Rank in a single stage because I was lazy. Man, this could take awhile.

Also, I am absolutely positive I have everyone unlocked. I have the trophies for completing all stages, unlocking all characters and unlocking all wallpapers. Just not the costume one.
3 years ago#5
Strange, I got S-proficiency for everyone and was able to unlock that achievement for unlocking costumes for all characters that have unlockable costumes (NO DLC required).
Sounds like you might be missing someone or overlooked someone.
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3 years ago#6
LMAO Oh wait nm you said you do. Hm...

I just unlocked the last three achievements, so I know you don't need any extra DLC to unlock it.

Lemme ask: did you ever get anyone to S rank with Musou Battlefield? Because if you did, you didn't unlock their costumes. I've had that happen with two characters I got to S rank because I wanted to try MB as a grinding method, but I realized you had to play a story/free stage with them in order to get the unlock.

That being said, I think the only thing you could do is go to the Change Team screen, and keep mashing Y, and seeing who has missing costumes. The only ones that should have 2 are people new to DW7/XL, SW3, and WO3. (Ex: Guo Huai, Aya, and Nemea, respectively).
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3 years ago#7
Morter posted...
So do you also have "A Kaleidoscope Of Time" (all wallpapers) unlocked?

I do yes, and I believe TC does as well.
If not, I might have misread.
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3 years ago#8
I dunno why the new DW7/DW7 XL chars do not have extra costumes they had them in DW7 XL just fine. Oh wait, DLC....
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