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The graphic doesn't look too much different from the PC version... but the game definitely look a lot better than the PSP counterpart. Not to mention all the new things they're adding to this game.
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I'm not sure why but this is the second day I failed to open anything related to andriasang and I'm at a different location today... Does that site only operates during certain hours? o_Oa
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#13yangxuPosted 2/9/2012 2:17:13 PM
Not sure, although I experienced similar issues two weeks ago. But I was able to open the site fine now. You can check out some screenshots based on Falcom's official IR report here:

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CharaAni limited box revealed. Comes with Arianrhod nenpuchi.
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Holy mother of Aidios! Falcom, you should be more careful about spoileriffic materials >_<.

Honestly, I'm surprised it's Ari and not Noel or KeA. After Elie and Tio in Ao pre-order bonus, I though those two would be the logical choices for the next Zero-related nendroid.
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Arianrhod means nothing to anyone that never played Ao before. She's not even anywhere in Zero.
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Part of the Game Heaven thing:


Those script books are scary. D:
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I suspect that most people buying this game are those who already played both previously released ones so Ari isn't a spoiler to them. For the ones who waited hoping for a port, well, like miyuki said her existence per se isn't a spoiler.

And yes, those script books are scary. And you thought the size of the scenario books was off-putting...

*Still crossing my fingers for a voiced version of Anton's sidequest even though it's not part of the main story.*