new chilled out club looking for members

#1madnut81Posted 5/14/2012 12:30:26 AM
I,m looking for members for my club,you don't have to be a golfing whizz just active,

If anyone is interested either search for "Slice inc" in game or msg me for an inv GT:madnut81
#2madnut81(Topic Creator)Posted 5/17/2012 12:03:16 AM
We now have 2 members,daily tournaments and a 1% coin bonus,its not much but its a start so come on people,join us and have fun
#3EscaBoiPosted 5/29/2012 8:42:36 AM
Madnut why don't you join us, Green420. We now have 8 members, just need people more active.
#4freedomthirty5Posted 5/29/2012 9:04:16 AM
Or mine. 7% coin boost and a few days from becoming an Elite club.