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5 years ago#1
MONEY HACK 100,000,000

"Unzip and navigate to user applications/infinity blade II/documents via ssh if jailbroken, ifunbox (jailbroken or NOT) and replace your two game save files with these. Hacked it to give $100,000,000. Enjoy. Confirmed this working on both my 3GS and my 4S."



Just did it. Took less than a minute ( im on iphone4 )
(message deleted)
5 years ago#3
Step by step

1.Go To USER

2.Then Application's

3.Then Find Infinity Blade II (If your SSH'ing and you cant see the app names IB2 begins with 09EE8844....)

4.Then Documents

5.Inside Documents youl see a SAVE folder at the top Tap it

6. Youl see two or more .bin files ie (SWORDSAVESLOTX_0.BIN) etc

7.Delete everything inside the SAVE folder and replace it with the dl in my original post

NOTE: This obviously deletes any progress you have, but that said even if your half way through the game youl be back at that point in no time with this save. This puts you at the beginning of the game.
5 years ago#4
good stuff but why would anyone use this defeats purpose of even grinding (entire gameplay ) lol might as well not even buy game
5 years ago#5
..true haha

In my defence I completed the game before using this. I just wasnt assed grindin for the infinity blade.
5 years ago#6
Nah, I'd rather pay $1999.60 for the gold instead. >_>
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5 years ago#7
ehhh no thanks
5 years ago#8
i used it after i beat the game - the endless grinding just sucks

the game was MADE to be a drag and to get people to buy gold from the store

and after you beat the game, theres nothing exciting left to do. even WITH all the money, it will still take you forever to collect and find all the equipment

and if i get tired of being a super badd ass, i can always go back to my original game save and continue regularly where i left off (doubt i will though)

thanks to the guys who made and posted this!
5 years ago#9

is this for mac 

5 years ago#10
I can't see anything in documents, guessing you gotta jailbreak
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