What happened to my game progress?!?

#1lllDarkzolllPosted 2/17/2012 12:37:06 AM
I just started the game and it started from the beginning. I was lvl 50+ and now i'm lvl 1 again. Can someone please help me?
#2lllDarkzolll(Topic Creator)Posted 2/18/2012 2:07:14 AM
Can anyone please help me? I'm really frustrated with what happened and don't know what to do. Is there something I can do to retrieve my save file or do something so it doesn't get deleted next time? Does version 1.0.2 fix this issue?
#3MyIICarbonPosted 2/18/2012 8:02:20 AM
Backup your device.
#4angelriker2Posted 3/14/2012 2:50:35 PM
I did backup my device, and my game is still lost. 15 hours just gone. Waiting to see if customer support is any help, but it doesn't make sense to me that one would have to go through an actual process in order to update a game without losing his or her save.
#5MyIICarbonPosted 3/15/2012 4:50:16 AM
If you have a backup, you can restore your device and your game from that point.
#6angelriker2Posted 3/20/2012 1:14:46 PM
That didn't work. However, Apple gave me my money back. All Epic did was send me a generic email both times I asked for help. Oh well, moving on with life.