Monters level: dependes on my level or on my rebirths?

#1wwwmagnottaitPosted 6/6/2012 7:39:19 AM
Hi all!
I'm level 41, 14th rebirth....
I've finished the game and killed God king, and I started again
I'm really stuck because I can't reach to kill the two bosses with the Vile Sword in their head (Ogre and the big tree thing!)
I tryed a lot of time, but even if I'm thougher and with thouger weapons and armors, seems that those 2 monsters get more and more thougher than me, every time!
I also tryed to use an health regeneration potion (100hp per seconds), I kill almost easy the Ogre, but the effect of the potion disappear when I face the Tree Monster and he always destroys me!
Now I've 4000 health, 358 dmg, 85 shield and 67 magic....I tryed last time, pretty sure to defeat them, but no way....seem they're always a lot more powerful of me, despite of my power's grown!

Now, I was wondering....
The power of all monsters (and so the two bad guys) depends on???
My level? the more I'm leveling, the more they become thougher?
Rebirth number? the more are the rebirth, more they become thougher?

I really need to know it....if depends on leveling, I will try to use all mastered weapons, ring, armor etc , so I WILL NOT level up and, I guess, the two bad guys will remain to the same, fight by fight, I can gain money to buy thougher weapons and armors....and finally defeat them!

But,. if depends on rebirth,....well should be very difficult!!!!

Do you have any suggestions to slay down that monsters and get the Vile Blade?
Do they have ALWAYS some specific illness (fire, venom, light etc)?
Do they use ALWAYS specific elemental damages?

Many thanks!
#2MyIICarbonPosted 6/6/2012 8:38:54 AM
Monster level depends on the current rebirth. So I would suggest that you restart to rebirth 1. You keep your stats, level, gold, and items.

About getting the Vile Sword, use dual. It's easier against the Chelon. Also, use a heal ring. Manage your super and magic. Avoid using both unless you're sure to kill. With regards to elemental damage and defense, they do not change unless you change rebirth (afaik).

It's possible to get the sword at lower levels. Learn from your mistakes whenever you die. Learn their pattern of attacks. Once you're familiar with it, it should be easier.
#3wwwmagnottait(Topic Creator)Posted 6/6/2012 8:47:26 AM
Well, thanks for tips....
Pretty strange, anyway....I killed all the bosses and the God King very very easy, with a dual welding sword (kurtz, +290 dmg)....but those two guys are unbeliavable....
Just 2, 3 hits and I'm dead....even comboing my dual sword they are very resistant, expecially the 2nd....and with him I can't use the regeneration 100hp potion, since has gone with the first ogre
also using shield seems useless, they always broke my block and I start losing hp over and over....:(
#4MyIICarbonPosted 6/6/2012 5:25:00 PM
That's why you shouldn't exhaust super and magic at the same time. If an enemy attacks and you're sure you won't be able to break it, use your magic or super. Use magic for attacks that gives you a small window. Otherwise, use super.

Also, if you're wearing a heal ring, use super first if you would be able to survive another attack. Getting hit wouldn't be much trouble since you can still heal. And you'll still charge your super.

Getting the blade is possible at your current level since I was able to do it at lower level (once).
#5ElphadunkAPosted 6/10/2012 8:26:21 AM
Hey i just tried he tree guy and i beat him second try. Im at low level though 32 and got tons of life. 7k. Im using the exo suit and lockjaw i got frim clash mob. The first monster was easy i just parry and wait till he breaks. Reserving super and magic (heal3). Start of second monster i used super straight away thinking it will regen if the match gets longer. Evade evade til he break used up 1 magic when i my health was down to 4k which filled back to 7k monster was down to 457 health at that point though. Maybe you cany use your 100k money to unlearn stats and use it for health or buy the expensive armor
#6ElphadunkAPosted 6/10/2012 8:28:50 AM
You might also want to block, your shield will regenerate on the next monster
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