Gem and rare item

#1The_OrignalPosted 9/2/2012 10:09:09 AM
Hey guys just want to ask is the Helio plate armor a rare item? (Raidriars armor) And also whats the best way to get 350-400+ gems? And also rare gems?
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Please and thank you
#3MyIICarbonPosted 9/2/2012 4:45:27 PM
Helio plate is not rare. It can be bought from the store. Best way to get capped gems is to combine the same gem (i.e. keep combining a fire gem to get a capped fire gem).

Forge three rare defense gem for a rare XP gem.

Forge a forged light defense gem (fire + ice + water), a forged dark defense gem (shock + poison + wind), and any hexagon gem to get a rare defense gem.

Forge a forged rare fire gem (three +400 fire gem), a forged rare ice gem (three +400 ice gem), a forged rare water gem (three +400 water gem) to get a rare spectrum gem.

Forging a rare darkfire gem is similar except it's shock, poison, and wind.

The order of the gem is important and should be followed.
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Ok thanks for the info. I haven't started new game+ yet so maybe that's why I don't see the Helio plate for buy, i got it by random large treasure chest- rebirth 92 As for the gems i will try to get rare gems ( fire, dark, poison, wind, shock and do on.)