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Cancelled (Archived)Dr_Koopa7623/13 10:46AM
so what happened with the 2014 release date? (Archived)Yonimaru12/10 5:40AM
Announced in 2011, no gameplay footage has been shown and if it's not at E3... (Archived)Gaming_Pal_TEJ26/15/2014
So after a long wait, there has been some more information announced about KAIO! (Archived)Pinxed36/1/2014
It is still coming out and will be released in 2014 (Archived)ManCowBear112/6/2013
With Mighty No. 9 hype and all... (Archived)tallgeeseIV59/26/2013
Seems to be a no-show at E3. (Archived)Gaming_Pal_TEJ16/12/2013
KAIO Currently in Development according to Siloconera and Nintendo Everything... (Archived)Pinxed15/17/2013
Is Inufane even working on this game right now? (Archived)GloryChaos82/26/2013
Wasn't playable at Jump Fiesta, BUT... (Archived)Pinxed41/1/2013
Hope we get some news on this game soon... (Archived)tallgeeseIV511/7/2012
Is this game's title sending the wrong message? (Archived)Bancario51210/14/2012
There can only be one King of the Pirates. (Archived)ecylis310/11/2012
KAIO is PLANNED to be released globally. (Link inside) (Archived)
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so excited about this lovely little game :) (Archived)Yonimaru86/13/2012
This game is one little hope for brighter gaming future. (Archived)Hulkkis13/28/2012
I know this board isn't very active, but at this point should we give up on US? (Archived)YoungGganon21/26/2012
Kaio: King of Pirates pre-release information (Archived)Pinxed21/6/2012
King of Pirates playable at Jump Fiesta next week (Archived)Dr_Koopa76612/21/2011
Japan only?! (Archived)
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