Japan only?!

#11FerinFoxtrotPosted 11/23/2011 12:38:40 PM
I have been thinking..it should be coming to the USA....because it was in the gameinformer Magazine, I don't think the GameInformer has Advertised Japan only games.
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smashbros295 posted...
Inafune seems really anxious to get English fans interested in this as well as Japanese fans. So far, he's had all of Kaiou's official trailers translated into English, and the game's site is set up so that you can toggle between both the English and Japanese languages.
Not to mention, Inafune has also stated several times that he notes how much better games sell in the West than in Japan. Taking all this into consideration, I would say that game localizations with Inafune (especially in the West) isn't anything to worry about.

I'll say! Just after looking at the GI scans makes me want to pick this up. I've always been a fan of Inafune's work, this one looks like a keeper.
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