Tons of items up for trade! Come take a look? :3

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Would you trade gold for a 5* yam?
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LycanSoul posted...
I have
Glittering Stone x12
Gold x7
Copper x19
Brick x7
Glass Stone x1
Crystal x2
Diamond x2
Amethyst x1
Fluorite x3
Platinum x1
Pink Diamond x5
Moon Stone x3
Black Lumber
Black Material Stone
Brown Alpaca Wool x19 at 1.5 stars
Any Kind of Wool or Yarn at any star rank
Honey x8
Flower Honey x9
Honeycomb x12
Green Cloth x9
Yellow Cloth x1
Cotton Fabric x10 (1 star)
Silkie Eggs x21 (2.5-3.5 stars)

If not listed just ask :3
Unless otherwise stated, everything is at .5 stars

I am looking for:
Any 5 star seeds or crops

If not just tell me what you have and we'll work it out :3

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mcxminne posted...
Would you trade gold for a 5* yam?

Add my FC:0559-6824-3061 Spotjr.