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4 years ago#1
Does anyone have any flowers or bouquets to spare?

I have a moondrop flower and a blue flower and I need 2 more to make a bouquet ^^; or unless someone has a bouquet they dont need.

I have milk, small branches, small rocks, and I can take care of your animals! I dont care about star grade.

Sorry it's not much. Im only on Spring the 30 >.<;
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4 years ago#2
Bouquets cannot be made with wild flowers.
They can only be made with the following flowers:

Pink Rose
Red Rose
White Rose
Blue Rose
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4 years ago#3
Oh okay >.<;; Boo. Well then I guess I need 4 flowers or a Bouquet :3
Add me: 5386-7303-5820 --Marisol--
Harvest Moon ANB :)
4 years ago#4
If it's for the flower festival, you CAN give the flowers you've listed as gifts too. It just gives you a lot less FP than a bouquet would. Just letting you know. :)
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