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I need 4 Flourite! (Archived)TiramisuTea212/3/2013
Marriage Question (Archived)Lucario8641212/3/2013
Does befriending shopkeepers give you discounts? (Archived)GigaMan91112/2/2013
Need 4 pearls. i have 5* flax cotton and wheat to trade and plenty more (Archived)readinlots112/1/2013
Yams needed please. have pink diamons, cocoa, and much more. (Archived)sunone1212/1/2013
Need Help! First HM in years! (Archived)Knepper0560411/30/2013
trade for yams. have 5*gold silkie eggs and lots more (Archived)readinlots511/29/2013
In Need of Banana / Mango Fruits / Seeds (Archived)iconiq111/29/2013
Need 1 Amethyst (& friends) (Archived)xisaacbx211/28/2013
is there a point to fertilizing crops? (Archived)Icehound2311/28/2013
I need some friends!!!! (Archived)mrzjones88311/27/2013
Trade for one pink diamond (Archived)crysta789311/27/2013
New user! Need friends please! (Archived)
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Trade for 5 suffolk wool (Archived)crysta789111/26/2013
Looking for Red Down/Cloth (Archived)zellbunny111/26/2013
If made, what would you like to see out of a Wii U game? (Archived)AboRashRash311/26/2013
Wheat and or Yams pretty please! (Archived)sunone1111/26/2013
I need a pink diamond and 5 suffolk sheep wool for kids bed *URGENT* (Archived)crysta789111/26/2013
help i need chicken feed i ran out need at least 6 (Archived)manaforever911/26/2013
Desperate for yams or yam seeds, silkie egg would be helpful too (Archived)Heartstealer93811/26/2013
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