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Just got the game and have a question on DLC... (Archived)RayReptile81/6/2013
I miss playing as Arcee and Slipstream.... (Archived)Degalon31/5/2013
Prologue problem? (Archived)sky_byte31/5/2013
finally got a chance to get online (Archived)Ketchup10071/5/2013
Frozen on the final level, Bruticus section. (Archived)Stedinator61/4/2013
My Youtube Review For Transformers Fall Of Cybertron -Let me know what you think (Archived)Pranked21/3/2013
what characters would you like see in the third game? (Archived)
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if anyone's ever down to play (Archived)gta_gamer133312/26/2012
I was really excited to jump right into a full game last night (Archived)Cadco25512/25/2012
Highest amount of kills? (Archived)willblitz112/22/2012
Where are all the Primes? (Archived)
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Need some info. (Archived)wildforce67412/16/2012
New DLC (Archived)Psycho_Koala512/15/2012
online symbols? (Archived)Captain_Skank212/14/2012
How active is MP? (Archived)DestinysSonNeji712/11/2012
Did anyone feel sorry for.....(spoiler) (Archived)Gnosis_Guyver1512/4/2012
surprised nobody talks about gun arm switch/sprinting (Archived)gta_gamer133212/3/2012
Collecting audiologs. help? *contains slight spoilers* (Archived)AvatarOfBagan712/1/2012
I have to admit. Kill streaks killed this game (Archived)jellybeanmaster511/22/2012
The barrier gives Destroyers too much flexibility. (Archived)DrunkenMegaman511/22/2012
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