NOD undisputedly Runs TDM...err.. but not one has completed the game! LOL!

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I can bump threads too!
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LOL, he got the name wrong. His own teammate.... I'll never get wrong the names of my KMM friends, never EVER! Special shout outs to: ESdobleO, Mrgreen15, bdz1992, Beast_Overgore_5, ALIBBABALA, Stevan1888, boltcubpen, Jedi1000, adogisaghost100, nattotro144 and many more!

Never met boltcubpen, Bdz1992 or ESdobleO...any good?!? I do have two friends with similar names but surely your not talking about BDS and E5doubleO. Back to the drawing board hypocrite!

I was being sarcastic.... I'll write another book: "Why MCs can't understand sarcasm"

In the movie adaptation you will be played by Flo-rida or Will I am.

Nah he'd be played by vanilla ice, another talentless non- black rapper like himself
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