if he is 10 bucks

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4 years ago#1
is catwoman the only char who gets to be in the mainstory? i dont have robin and nightwing just reads for challenge maps and 2 extra maps.
4 years ago#2
that is my guess. You might be able to use them in places after the main story is done. Like how you can switch between Catwoman and Batman after the main story is over, and you are still patrolling for challenges and finishing side missions.
Teepo, the Dark Dragon of Destiny.
4 years ago#3

Yeah looks like only Catwoman as her part in the main story.

Nightwing is 6,99$. Catwoman is 9,99$ on the Playstation Store

Don't know about the futur Robin pack, but it'S probably going to be 6,99$ too since he'll be challenge only.

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