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the stereoscopic 3D is excellent (Archived)jon_dojah112/29/2012
Having problems running this on Windows 8. (Archived)AzureEverything512/29/2012
Can these laptops run this game at 60fps at 720p? (Archived)J_K_GUNS312/10/2012
The optimus issues!! (Archived)Haliminator211/21/2012
To the guy whose 360 controller keeps freezing the game. (Archived)HollowNinja110/29/2012
guys please PLEASE help! my 360 controller keeps freezing this game! (Archived)szunega28/11/2012
Control delay? (Archived)Midnighthobo8917/16/2012
i have no idea how to change the video settings (Archived)fewffwa27/15/2012
Will this game work with the Magic Joy Box (Archived)RemixDeluxe46/8/2012
Easy ways to unlock music? (Archived)vtwesley25/10/2012
if you coul change what levels were in the game, how would it look like? (Archived)guedesbrawl35/9/2012
Questions about chaos drives and animals in SADX (Archived)Chairstood44/24/2012
Other Sonic games? (Archived)Imraina104/19/2012
possible Controller glitch fix (Archived)otacon_stuntman24/14/2012
For people on the pc without a controller (Archived)cmfireflies34/13/2012
Want to know why the Classic-in-Modern hack is the best thing ever? (Archived)RhymeLace14/12/2012
Problem with Time Attack (Archived)Starwars4J14/6/2012
I just watched the 3DS version of the final boss, and am completely dumbfounded. (Archived)ClassyOldHat54/2/2012
The challenges suck (Archived)fatboy4444/2/2012
Wow, I can't load a game with Sega Genesis Classics collection? (S3&K) (Archived)Narroo64/1/2012
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