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So when is the game getting a fix for Optimus? (Archived)DarthRLink111/28/2011
Terrible framerate, even at minimal settings. (Archived)
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So I'm watching some videos of the game and it looks pretty cool, except... (Archived)vaati000911/26/2011
Is there any way to turn off the HUD? (Archived)Solid Sonic911/26/2011
What GPU are you running with this game? (Archived)
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What did the update fix? (Archived)RC Cruz me411/26/2011
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Game is running too fast? (Archived)Mitch35511/25/2011
Is planet wisp representative of sonic colors in general? (Archived)
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Online Rooftop Rush? (Archived)f4ythi211/24/2011
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Can't beat Rouge the Bat's mission - Crashes (Archived)
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What's your favorite stage as Modern and Classic Sonics? (Archived)
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