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A question for those who own the retail disc version (Archived)ReynardFX511/20/2011
"That looks like a homing shot!" (Archived)
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What's your favorite stage as Modern and Classic Sonics? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Speed Glitch Possible on PC? (Archived)vegetap14211/19/2011
No Music (Archived)JonHall12a311/18/2011
The US version is the European version (Archived)
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[Kind of spoilers] Whoops. (Archived)Keitreivers1011/18/2011
found a possible fix for online crashing. (Archived)LanceVance87411/17/2011
Anyone got a save with Super Sonic? (Archived)wolfenscrew211/17/2011
So when do we get chao? (Archived)midpoint77711/17/2011
Possible fix for Nvidia Optimus users (Archived)SeventhHanyou811/16/2011
Cinematic sound issues? (Archived)PalkiaGaines7771011/16/2011
Crashing???? (Archived)SnapNtap12345411/15/2011
The first Sonic Generations texture mod! (Archived)lizard81288311/15/2011
out of reach red ring in sky sanctuary ACT 2? (Archived)bladexdsl1011/15/2011
for those who cant save (Archived)shadow_sonic111511/14/2011
do you think SEGA might release a patch for this game? (Archived)ZevLoveDOOM711/14/2011
Is anyone amazed at how much replay value this game has? (Archived)
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Anybody else see Sega Genesis/Mega Drive classics after pre-ordering this? (Archived)ICOYAR911/13/2011
Someone I help me (Archived)windlessusher111/13/2011
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