what's up with the version 1.01?

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3 years ago#1
they add anything or what?
3 years ago#2
Nothing big.

Fixed some Bugs.
Viewer Mode.
You can sort your skills.
Change Avatar Hair color?

They even fixed the Mugen Point farming spot!!!
I can earn about 1 million M Point before the patch, after that only about few thousands. - The only reason I stay with v1.00

1 million or few thousands?
When 1 character cost a few millions to get all their upgrades.
3 years ago#3
You can switch knock back on or off on your skills after you have selected them.
You can discard unwanted materials.
You can transform in the main base now.
You can see the enemies stats now.
You can see stat changes after you level on the level up screen.
You can turn off battle animations in the options screen.
The last slot on the monster data will now fill in when you use moe kill on the enemy instead of having to use Emotion Fever.

Some of the bug fixes they did made the game much more playable for me.

The game would sometimes freeze when I checked my status menu or tried to change equipment, but It hasn't happened since the update.
"sE" has also been fixed. It was really annoying pre-patch because you would get bugged item drops that would not allow you to leave the result screen, forcing you to reset.
Generic characters can learn their special move again before you would never learn it again if you switched jobs.

Ship skills can only be used when you have the required amount of sp. Pre-patch you could use ship skills even when they were greyed out.
Some skills still hit everything when they're really only supposed to hit things within a certain range. I can kill everything in 1 hit because of this but it causes a delay depending on how many enemies are on the battlefield.

There's other bugs that they still need to fix and the wiki lists them but I think they got rid of most of the game breaking ones.

The biggest change for me though was that they increased the amount of shanpuru you get when you moe kill enemies. Item went up from 1x to 2x, Servant went from 3x to 5x, and when you make them mad you now get 3x instead of 2x. Pre-patch I saw a few people saying you get 10x the amount of the enemies rare shanpuru when you use emotion fever but I haven't been following the threads lately to see how high it is now after the patch. This change probably shaved 50-100 hours off the time it took me to get to Galaxy size and it makes it easier for people to get the true end if they moe kill some bosses.
3 years ago#4
what's this? Compile Heart is actually giving MERCY on its video games!?

What madness is this!?

No seriously, they actually shaved off time to get the Geboku Dama to galaxy size eh...
3 years ago#5
another update: version 1.02...

now what
3 years ago#6
Official patch notes:
Improvements to the motion viewer.
Some stuff to get us ready for Hiro.

Reports from the players:
Turning off battle animations in the options now turns them off for ship battles too.
Before you would get the same items from ship battles until you reset your ps3. This has been fixed.
Exp overflow bug has been fixed.
The bonus% you get from defeating bosses has gone up.
I see people saying that they feel like battles are faster now. It does feel like selecting skills seems a little faster to me.
Before you couldn't combine some materials like Physical damage up when they weren't atleast +2, now you can.

You might no longer be able to heal HP/SP during ship battles! I've read that you can get around this by leaving battle animations on in the options menu but I haven't tried it yet.

The patch was just released recently so we might see some other undocumented changes pop up. I'm expecting at least 1 more patch to fix that fortress battle bug.
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