DMC 1 devil trigger refilling?

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1 year ago#1
So I just completed mission 10 on dante must die and something happened I never saw before: I was in devil trigger fighting kyklops and my entire meter just randomly refilled. I didn't use any items or anything, I just killed one of the kyklops and my meter went to full.

Is that normal or did something weird happen? I can't imagine I'm so oblivious as to never have noticed that before if it's a normal occurrence. Then again I've only played through dmd once before so if it's a difficulty specific thing maybe that's why. Idk I'm confused.
1 year ago#2
Well, I know that if you kill a Death Scythe or a Death Scissors and then wait for a few seconds you get a full DT refill, so I'd assume it's the same here.
1 year ago#3
Huh...I never even knew that. It must have been the same thing then. Thanks.
1 year ago#4
When you kill a Kyklops, you get a DT refill. That's just how it is on every difficulty.
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  3. DMC 1 devil trigger refilling?

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