I give up...You win nightmare 3

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3 years ago#1
DMD mode...have 8 devil stars, 1 untouchable, 1 vital star, 5 holy waters and still cant do it.

3 hits and you are dead. Cant stand in front of him, cant stand in back, cant be on top, and cant be on the side. I got to this part in like 3 days after the game came out, and have been stuck there ever since.

So i just I'll just wait for some kind person to post a game save on the net with super dante.

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3 years ago#2
I posted this in another topic where someone was asking about the final showdown with Nightmare, except it was on Normal. However, my post works for any difficulty. You just have to be patient and it's likely going to take a few attempts to get the pattern down pat. The post starts off with mentioning Inferno because someone suggested that the person use that as their means for damaging Nightmare the most.

So, here you go:

Inferno is great and all, but if you're dying, it's because you're taking too much damage.

Switch to Alastor, DT, jump in the air, press RB and start mashing X to pelt his core with Air Raid. It does ridiculous damage on Normal and you can pretty much avoid everything he tries to hit you with so long as you keep flying in a circle around the perimeter.

Also, when you get him to about 50% health or less, let him turn into a puddle of gloop and have him pull you under to where you fight Nelo Angelo again. You can use Inferno on him or Kick13 spam, whatever suits you the best and dispose of him quickly. You'll likely get health from defeating him and the damage done to Nightmare because of that is pretty substantial.

However, the only downside to doing this is that Nightmare gets increased defense for the duration of the fight and stays solidified longer after activating those glyph things that you have to attack to make him solidify. Him staying out longer = him attacking more. But if you do like I suggested, you really won't care how much he's attacking because it will give you more time to attack his core.

Also, to get him to expose his core rather fast, you can spam the shotgun on him or the grenade launcher. Most folks might suggest the grenade launcher 'cause it fills your DT gauge faster, but I prefer the shotgun. Personal preference, really.

So it should just go like this:

1) Shoot him with whatever gun you prefer until he exposes his core
2) With Alastor equipped, DT, jump in the air and spam Air Raid
3) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until he's at ~50% health
4) Have him grab you to pull you under and defeat Nelo Angelo
5) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until phase 2 of the fight
6) Repeat steps 1 and 2 until dead

Use items however you see fit. If you're struggling to fill your DT gauge, if you let him remain as a puddle, you can shoot him and the little things that he sends after you to fill up your gauge.

You can also use this tactic for Hard and Dante Must Die mode. It's what I did to beat him each time I had to fight him on the harder difficulties. Sure, it might take a while, but if you're stocked up on items/have a lot of orbs, you really should have nothing to worry about.
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3 years ago#3

Here you go. I HIGHLY advise reading the NM1 and 2 sections as well. They're linked before the explanation of his new moves, so no need to worry about scrolling through 40 wall of texts.
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3 years ago#4
Or, you can click that link provided by Snake. XD
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3 years ago#5
I thought game saves were tied to gamer profile and rest your Gamerscore.


Do what this guy does.

Basically make it's core green and run around in front of it to lure it into doing the Ice Beam.
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