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Not even coming close to finding all comics in levels (Archived)paulguy16/27/2012
What is it with this game and rats? (Archived)GOLD_sonic56/27/2012
How do I do a Web Rush Punch and a Wall Blast? (Archived)CalistoCoon36/27/2012
Despite my concerns about the swinging I still picked it up and... (Archived)D_Gryphon46/27/2012
Alternate Suits Don't Have Suit Damage? (Archived)Gamehunter2376/27/2012
No news on costumes yet but a Beenox rep gave a number (Archived)
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Well this took me by surprise (Archived)TonyMontana91636/27/2012
how come my game says there is only 500 comic books to collect not 700 (Archived)Blueandwhite8746/27/2012
How's the game? (Archived)Bristow8426/27/2012
for those wjo have played Felecia Hardy (Archived)killkiss36/27/2012
New 2012 Amazing Spider-man movie Black Suit (Archived)Dino148256/27/2012
700 comic book pages... (Archived)SCREAMURDEAD46/27/2012
I'm stuck at oscorp (Archived)iron_defense16/27/2012
Never thought I'd say this but this game is brutally hard. (Archived)
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have they said what future dlc will be? (Archived)ironmaidenfan7026/27/2012
What I like about the new main costume in the game trailers is... (Archived)Cosmic_Coyote16/27/2012
How many villains appears in the game(spoilers)? (Archived)Herrx36/27/2012
NYC Thoughts (Archived)patkelly92926/27/2012
Theres 2 black suits. (Archived)
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Where to find ASM Black Suit? (Archived)NovaFist36/27/2012
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