This game is so underrated

#1jmaver1ckPosted 4/6/2012 12:42:02 PM
For 10 bucks, this game has incredible depth. If you like South Park and old school platformers, this game is great. I can't believe how many levels and secrets are in this game.

It's a little stretch, but it's design is reminiscent of Super Mario World. I can't believe some review sites out there gave this game a bad score. It's like they played the first few levels and that was it. I wasn't sure about the purchase after playing the 1st 2-3 levels, but when I realized how long and deep this game was... it's slowly become one of my favorite games out right now.
#2psuedospikePosted 4/7/2012 11:30:43 AM
I completely agree with you!

I found it to be very reminiscent of Kid Chameleon on Genesis. High ramping difficulty and fun collecting and hunting for secret areas...replaying a level as the character whose Power upgrade you had to pass the first time. Having to replay the levels over to find more power cores before unlocking the last boss. The multiplayer is insanely fun IF you find people who aren't complete idiots and can patiently search a level (Hard to find good players online). That would be my only real gripe - you can't unlock collectibles if you're not hosting the game so there is little to no incentive to jump into other people's games once you beta it.

But, yeah I thought this was easily worth $10. You can tell that most of the reviewers out there that gave it low scores are just plain crap at platforming games and gave up early on due to their own incompetence. I don't think you should be able to publish a game review without beating it and you can tell most reviewers, *cough* Gamespot, did not.
#3G1-TailsOwnPosted 4/21/2012 7:01:16 PM

well said, i totaly agree with you. the game is fun! bring back memorys of the sega gensis. :D