List of Inventory Items Needed for Quests

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Here is a list I compiled of inventory items that you should always keep on hand for quests...handy for contests that are linked to quests, such as the last two have been. I have listed them in the same order that they appear in the game, except I put all the items needing gems for purchase at the end, along with their gem prices. At least you can't sell items you paid for with gems, so once you have them, they will always be in your inventory. I also did not include Boss Quest items because you can only do them once anyway. If you see any mistakes, please point them out. I only be a rough and tumble pirate, ye know! Thank ye!


1 hand-goone
3 rabinet
8 serpentine
2 falconet
2 minion
1 saker
2 demi-culverin
1 basilisk
3 culverin
3 french moyenne
0 puckle gun (sell all)
20 double
12 red rune blaster
35 copper triple
8 sniper

5 gully knife
8 harpoon
12 boucan knife
8 cutlass
2 sabre
1 silver sabre
4 small sword
5 rapier
5 boarding axe
6 wheel-lock musket
5 flint-lock musket
15 snaphance pistol
25 flintlock muzzle loader
0 spanish musket (sell all)
0 buccaneer gun (sell all)
12 gut sword
25 grand rapier
0 flail (sell all)
0 gunpowder barrel (sell all)

2 rabbit's foot
8 four leaf clover
8 horseshoe
20 lucky coin
3 St. Benedict medal
2 turkey wishbone
9 magic circle
4 vial of holy water
5 lucky acorn
25 rosary
25 lodestone
30 sharks fin
15 sargasso sea sand
45 lucky dice

3 foresail
3 course sail
3 drag
3 top sail
12 mizzenmast
1 belaying pin
4 map
6 spanker
4 square sail
5 sextant
5 rudder
3 anchor
3 winch
4 stay sail
8 looking glass
15 carvel planking
5 genoa sail


3 carronade - 35 each/105 total
1 norrington's smallsword - 30
1 volley gun - 48
1 omamori - 25
1 mandala pendant - 48
1 scarab beetle ring - 46
1 french sailor's songs book - 40
1 map of treasure - 25

Total gem cost for day mode is 232.


1 atlantic repeater - 69
1 Nana's drachma - 70

Total gem cost for night mode is 139.
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Thank'ee, SugarBugFerret!  You might want to add this to the game wiki under supplemental data so it has a permanent place.

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This is good stuff. Thanks for doing the leg work.
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Just what I was looking for. Now I can have a garage sale, er I mean dock sale.

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Wow this comes in handy, thanks for all the work!


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Thanks for the list. I see that you left off the titanis blaster (90 gems) from the night list.
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Thanks for the list. I see that you left off the titanis blaster (90 gems) from the night list.

Nice catch! I am planning to put it all on the POTC game wiki at some point...I will be sure to add it there. Thanks matey!
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You may want to list it order of importance so they don't buy one gem item before the one they need first. Also, why would you sell gunpowder kegs, they give you more attack than any other weapon and each crew member gets to fire one cannon, use one weapon, hold one amulet, operate one piece if rigging, and hoist one genoa sail. So if you have 500 crew and are over 90 level, your goal should become 500 sniper cannons, 500 kegs of powder, 500 dice, 500 carvel planks, and 500 genoa sails; along with the bare minimum amount of other items.
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This list shows only the minimum number of each item needed (if any) to be able to complete every quest in the game, including both day and night mode quests. They are listed in the same order that they are found in the game, only because it is just meant to be a guide to help you keep your in-game inventory tidy. And you are right about the gunpowder kegs...since it is the highest level item in the weapon category, it would seem a bit foolish to clear your inventory of them. I'll blame that one on good 'ol "copy and paste". But see? This is why I posted it here all of you could proof my work. Looks like I hit the rum a bit too hard while I was working on a couple parts...

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