The Gem Fairy

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Aye Gem Fairy, it is said that a pirate never takes charity but a few gems would help me ship set sail. This be Goldie 007 Promo V2E5W9
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piratejjay posted...
due to a little loophole in the game,me(and others) are able to gift people gems.

so for the near future im giving away gems to the needy. (not the greedy)

FREE wont cost you a dime

so post your promo code an i'll see what i can do.

ps. THE GEM FAIRY is just one man, so if i get overwhelmed with codes it may take some time

Aye Gem Fairy, it is true that pirates never take charity but a few gems would help me cast me ship to sail. I be thanking you for your kindness. This be Goldie007 - V2E5W9
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jakeman66 posted...
p-jj, holler if you get over burdened and I'll help out but don't want to step over you.

Aye Jakeman If you are doling out gems I would appreciate anything you can send my way. Thanks Goldie007 - V2E5W9