The Beach Fire

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4 years ago#201
(NyteSong tiptoes out of the room and goes back on deck to sigh for the new rum delivery she ordered.)

She thinks, "I knew my decorating ideas were good! Don't know why all da pirates here be so nervous about me projects!. Dey think a few throw pillows gonna end da world or sumpin"

(The pirates start unloading from the delivery boat, "Rums R Us")
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NyteSong (K5W2N4)
4 years ago#202
The Captain stands in warm sand of Sunken Island and stretches his arms and shoulders. He shakes his head at the thousands of crates of equipment unloaded from his old ship Bloody_Waves now being inventoried and select items are being transferred to his new ship BloodyWaves.
"Quartermaster!" he bellows down the shore.
"Yes Captain?"
"Status report!"
"Aye Captain! We have 65 crew transferred over so far and 12 cannons," the Quartermaster flips the page. "The Senior Gunner says even one Copper Triplet Cannon from the old ship would sink the new ship from its weight alone, and that's unloaded."
The Captain rubs his scraggly beard, "I figured as much. Ships explode from tryin' ta equip Red Rune Cannons too early, the whole reason fer tha level restrictions in tha first place. Very well, keep tha focus on tha manifest! Be sure ta send an invite ta every single scallywag that stepped foot on me old ship and get em tha info fer tha new one. We has a battle owed to us from BattleKing_X_Ray and then another from BadParent so we gots our work cut out fer us!"
"Captain! The Quest Crew jes completed SkullHead Island!" Bo'Sun reports.
" Good job! Get Port Royal wrapped up soon, we'll need the docks fer supplies and will disembark here once we get word you're ready."
"Aye Captain, by the way, should we take this?" the Bo'Sun gestures to a box marked "DANGER".
"Well let's open it up and see what's inside!" the Captain pulls out his Gully Knife from his boot. Once they crack it open the Captain leans back and laughs heartily, "It's a doomsday device!" He smiles and pulls out a few throw pillows. Turning to look over his shoulder he can see the ship of BadParent moored just offshore. "I bet NyteSong is havin' a field day redecoratin' that warship! Ha ha ha!"
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4 years ago#203
*steps ashore out of his longboat*
"Ahoy Captain! How goes it aboard your new ship BloodyWaves?"
I am the Sea Artillery Commander, BattleKing_X_Ray
4 years ago#204
"Ahoy Commander, its startin' ta pick up steam it is. Have ya come ta give me a ship inspection and go through me inventory?" the Captain salutes and then shakes the firm hand of the Sea Artillery Commander and founder of The Quad Squad.
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4 years ago#205
*returns salute and shakes hand*
I actually came by to enlighten you regarding some upcoming availability that I have, 30 days of leave that starts Monday. I would ask you how strongly you feel about this idea of starting over, but since you have already partaken in the most difficult part already, I just would like to hear your opinion of your situation."
*sits on log*
I am the Sea Artillery Commander, BattleKing_X_Ray
4 years ago#206
The Captain take a seat as well and for a long while stares out to sea with a calm intensity. With a resolute sigh he turns to BattleKing_X_Ray, "Bein' a pirate is tha life fer me and all that goes wit it. It don't matter if I'm on a War Galleon with 1000 cannons of on a dingy with a harpoon, I fight to tha death, tooth and nail. I live free and go where I want when I want. Can't ask fer much else. Startin' over has simplified things fer me and given me a chance to learn from past mistakes. I will become a stronger pirate than I ever have."
BloodyWaves...The Hornet's Nest Of The Seven Seas X7W6P4 - Be sure to add "The Quad Squad" SeaBugFerret / BadParent / BloodyWaves / BattleKing_X_Ray
4 years ago#207
*takes a moment and allows the words to sink in*
I appreciate your fine spirit and all that you bring to this forum with your vivid imagination and fierce passion for combat. I have a lot of respect for you."
*snap fingers*
*First Mate snaps to attention*
"Yes Commander?"
"Send word via your fastest messenger to KnightShaded to please request a manifest for my Royal Armada. It will be much faster than doing a roll call with pad and pen. Have the Helmsman, Gunner, and Quartermaster begin construction on a new flagship immediately with double salary effective for all deckhands producing top quality work!"
"Yes Commander! Right away sir!"
I am the Sea Artillery Commander, BattleKing_X_Ray
4 years ago#208
Arrr, So I walks up da beach toward da fire and who do I see Captain BloodyWaves and captain BattleKing walks up ta dem and slaps dem on da ya two scallywags doin...
Um Battle did hear ya right? Ya gonna trade ya ship in...

Well that be a fine thing it seems....although I would think about it da only problem I be havin is my hi health points...

And I couldn't do that ta Nyte aftar all da work she just did on me first mate I evar had....but now I got me a jacuzzi thingie wid an entertainment centar next ta don't do nuttin though, just sits place ta plug it in....just like Nyte's fancy posturepedic bed wid da heat and magical fingers massagie thingies can't plug it in...but we has dem just da same...and she even got me a espresso machinie thingie...wish I knew how that ting works though...Nyte won't show me....

Arrr, I just don't know what ta do about da sails she put on me ship...there all tie dye wid dees glittery tings on dem....and all dees blasted throw rugs on all me decks.

But anyway battle ifs ya gonna do dis you'll have me sapport and I'll even give ya a case of wee little swords fer ya new wee ship....ya can do what I do and give one ta each da lads as they board da ship...I still luv da look on their faces when I says welcome aboard matey here's ya new weapon...Arrr, it tickles me it does...

And here's a case of them fa you to'll have allot of fun wid dem...
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I am the Badparent
4 years ago#209
You know BadParent, that means a lot.
*takes wee swords*
This will be a grand adventure!
*messenger runs up*
"Commander! The name change completed sir!"
"Excellent work! Start getting the new crew on board immediately!"
4 years ago#210
The Captain pulls out some smoked beef, salted pork, and chilled rum, "Eat up mates! Looks like we has sum major remodelin' ta do. It's a nice change of pace ta see yer ship name here Commander. I'll pm you the crew I've added so far, the manifest from me original ship, and then I recommend ye add tha pirate gifter list."
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