Account Management Registration probelms?

#1LordEidolonPosted 7/15/2012 7:40:21 AM
Are new members still having problems registering their character?

In Pirates of the Caribbean: Master of the Seas - Android ver 1.4.1 (461)/2.5.0 I have attempted to register my email address in the Account Management section of the settings repeatedly. Every time i receive the email with the link to click on to verify my email address it always states the code has expired - regardless of trying dif email addresses, previous versions of game, accessing while game active, while game inactive etc. Nothing works, hence I cannot join my friends on Friends Leaderboard.
#2A_BOATPosted 7/15/2012 9:57:31 AM
Go to the app page in google play store (if you have it) scroll down to Developer and click on 'send email'. ( If you let them know you can't link your email, they will help you do it. I am successfully linked with my email
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Great tip. Thanks.
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Hi tried that method and also the alternative similar to recovering a lost account where you create an account with disney and request help (

So far haven't been able to register my character :(
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I hope it works out for you. Happened to me too and I havent heard anything back in almost 4 weeks. I've read about others with the same problem that lasted months. Update the post if it gets worked out.
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Disney Mobile Games Support can recover your profile
for you, see below.
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Got reply from tech support at:

Email verification is currently unavailable so (on the Android version of the app (do not know if this holds true for the iOS ver)), there is no point trying to register your character via email verification of the game's Account Management setting section.

The good news though is that they are hoping to address this in a future update, and when this does occur the app itself will notify you that registration is possible; so the leaderboards will be fixed and for newer charactres like myself we will get to appear on the friends leaderboard.

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