How tough am I?

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4 years ago#1
Just reached the million attack point milestone so im feeling pretty hard right now. Unfortunately i only have 10 health so my mental image is of a heavy handed bruiser in possession of a very wheezy chest and bad knees. Probably with a rummy complexion and excessive beer gut. Hmmm, memo to self, avoid mirrors. :-(

Never mind, got to tick those milestones off, next on list is half a million defence and 2000 crew.

tha can always tell a Yorkshireman
but tha cant tell im much
4 years ago#2
Congrats Sin. Don't mind those mirrors - it's just your peg leg making your butt look fat.
Abyitis - Level 200 and daily gifter
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4 years ago#3
Please add shrly2 (O7D1T6), level 201, daily gifter
Where there is love there is life. Mahatma Gandhi
4 years ago#4
Arrr, Sinbad ya can test ya guns on me ship ifs ya like....let me know how ya make out....I'll set up some giant cookies, see ifs ya can hit dem.
Come over to the dark side, we have cookies.
I am the Badparent (W7D4GZ)
4 years ago#5
ill ditto Badparent. im at 10 too. youre welcome to shoot me,
i am privateer1892747
4 years ago#6
dang, thot for sure youd win. im still tryin to dial in these battle parameters,even tho i dont battle much.
i am privateer1892747
4 years ago#7
No such luck arnold, required 230,000 gems to boost my stats and make it a fair fight. Not as bad as with bad parent tho, 325,000 gems was the tally. Gave it a good go but all hands were lost after mere seconds of battle. Decided my ship isnt that hard after all!
Also tried boosting my health to 795 and taking on the hammmster, all hands lost etc etc.

tha can always tell a Yorkshireman
but tha cant tell im much
4 years ago#8
Congrats Sinbad....keep at it
4 years ago#9
If you want to battle a particular player who is stronger than you, you can spend a few gems to inflate your health level to improve your ship's strength and then fire away! Your ship can be made up to ten times stronger. I've described this in more detail a few threads back:
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4 years ago#10
geez. who's got that many gems?

i remember 1 million was a milestone of sorts..keep going Sinbad
i am privateer1892747

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