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All Items? (Archived)
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Who is also getting Dragon's Crown? (Archived)
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How does this stack up to other action RPGs, like Tales game or Star Ocean? (Archived)RAcastBlaster910/12/2012
Versus Basics Guide/ Tips (not for indvidiual character coverage) (Archived)Bancario51410/12/2012
Picked it up (Archived)
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Did you know? (Archived)itsstillgood110/12/2012
Vs. Free Play room: Currently OPEN! - Password [7680] (Archived)
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*Happy grunt* (Archived)Mega_Rat410/12/2012
Am I right for lvling up Attack damage on Allegro? (Archived)Lunar_Nall210/12/2012
Word to the wise. Dont use CPUS when playing Dark Sovereigns (Hard) (Archived)Bancario51110/12/2012
why the hell is this game so hard to find? (Archived)
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blog faqs: my experience getting the game (Archived)PaladinAlik810/12/2012
So, is this a sequel to Guardian Heroes??? (Archived)GuiltyChippX810/12/2012
Does it matter where I apply my stats end game? (Archived)Kenta_PKMN1010/12/2012
Thoughts so far? (Archived)Komarix510/12/2012
How involved are the RPG elements? (Archived)Marsford710/12/2012
I want honest opinion about this game. please help me (Archived)
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Dang I suck (spoilers) (Archived)
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Alchemia online.... (Archived)linknparkfan710/12/2012
Almost beat CWS (Archived)
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