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Disappearing panties glitch (tested only on 360) (Archived)LunaWuff27/16 3:16AM
ending spoilers (Archived)loucifer8617/7 6:48PM
Are Saint Row games have english subtitles? (Archived)xiahoudun_wb46/18 7:18AM
season pass bugged? (Archived)darksaber56715/31 11:35PM
So how does getting plastic surgery in a simulation change your appearance irl? (Archived)MellowLyricist45/26 4:10PM
Is there any reason to get the century edition if you have all DLC? (Archived)Cyber Akuma Zero45/1 2:33AM
After playing this game, I want to play Destroy All Humans again! (Archived)Argent614/29 11:17AM
two questions about CID. (Archived)loucifer8614/28 12:53PM
Can you disable the pixelating visual effect in the simulation? (Archived)1stWorldProblem14/22 1:13AM
Is Online Active on this game? (Archived)xrevenger14/6 2:32PM
Platinum Question And Help. (Archived)YUGGLE12314/2 7:18PM
What is in these patch updates? (Archived)CMDRHayze43/24 1:00PM
Looking For People To Play With(PS4) (Archived)Sadistic_Misery13/20 4:31AM
Should I get the NTE or just buy the game and the upgrade pack? (Archived)AceofSpades170093/18 7:56AM
saint row 4 co-op friends (Archived)rikuheart2732/18 2:18PM
Need Partner for Challenges (Archived)dead_assassin12/18 1:36PM
Child's Play pack (Archived)Odysseus9432/10 1:52PM
gat out of hell Standalone DLC? (Archived)king2wolves32/2 6:29AM
Saint's Row 2, 3, 4 question! (Archived)Kyle_Clarthy71/31 3:30PM
Challenges question (Archived)XplayMatt21/28 3:08PM
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