Saints Row 5 should go as serious as the first one.

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Saints Row shouldn't devolve into being a Grand Theft Auto clone with some cruder humor and over-the-top action scenes, activities, and characters. That's basically what Saints Row 2 was.

Saints Row The Third took it up way higher and IMO it helped establish a proper identity for the Saints Row franchise. . . the problem (in my opinion) was the storytelling aspect fell to shambles and they removed a lot of the customization and activities and unlockables and hidden secrets/explorables./collectables that made Saints Row 2 enjoyable. Saints Row 4 of course went steps higher than The Third, but so far from what I'm playing they've done a better job with the story-telling and actually managed to tie The Third and itself back to 1 and 2.

I have no idea how the end of 4 is (don't want to since I'm still playing it), but it seems like they won't be able to re-use this universe. Plus they already hinted that the next game may not specifically focus on the Third Street Saints. Which might mean that another Saints faction appears? *shrug*

I think though that Saints Row really needs the ridiculous/goofy humor and references and whatnot to it because it makes the game way more fun and enjoyable IMO. What they should do though is somehow bring the ridiculousness of 3 and 4 and mix it with the customization, storytelling, and more diverse/deeper sandbox layout like what was in Saints Row 2. 'cause Steelport is so bland compared to Stillwater... Stillwater had memorable locales like the Phillips Building, specific districts, Stillwater University, the pirate boat area, the caverns, the nuclear power plant, the trailpark area, etc. Steelport... really has nothing memorable. I'm playing in the virutal Steelport and the only way I can tell the spots that used to be where my old cribs were in Third are thanks to Zinyak just utterly destroying those buildings and all that's left to mark them is floating debris.

If Volition could better mix what worked great with Saints Row 2 (memorable cast of characters, deeper character/clothing customization, much more diverse city, tons of explorables, tons of hidden collectibles, etc.) and combined it with what worked great with Third and IV (mostly the over-the-top direction and whacky humor filled with references/homages to other games/movies/etc.), Saints Row 5 would be a freaking masterpiece.

And I think with how they're listening to their fans, SR5 might just deliver and bring all SR fans back together (like they attempted to do with SR4... though of course not everyone likes the super powers/aliens stuff (*cough* including some modders on the PC side)).
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I am really enjoying Saints Row 4, just as I enjoyed 3, 2 and the original. Saints Row is one game I feel that has gotten better with each incarnation. Sure from 2 to 3 the story dropped off a bit, I hated Shaundi going from a cool stoner to a high maintenance barbie, but overall the Third definitely improved the franchise. From what I have seen of 4 so far, it is a big improvement on 3.

If you dont want Fart-In-A-Jars, zombie islands and Super powers then Saints Row is not for you, it is that simple. Saints Row is goofy and way over the top by design. It doesnt take itself very seriously and doesn't expect its fans to take it very seriously. Just sit back, shut up and enjoy some Saints Row.

And SR4 is no where near a Crackdown can jump high and shoot things in the city in both games...that is it.
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phillyeagles123 posted...
Just bring back the balance of seriousness and silliness that Saints Row 2 had and I'll consider buying it.

4 did exactly that.
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Lol ok after reading more and seeing the horrible sales numbers 3&4 brought in, im confidant that 5 will return to SR2 style.
#35TopdrunkeePosted 8/22/2013 10:51:14 AM
What are you talking about? SR3 was the best selling game out of the franchise.
Your beloved SR 2 only clocked in about 2 to 3 million shipments. SR3 was in the 5 millions.
What planet you living in kid? You keep speaking about reality but the only reality that you seem to be familiar with is your own living room.
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Thqs last financial report showed that saints row the third has sold over 4.5 million copies, which is more than 2's 3.4 million. That, combined with the fact that 4 hasn't been out for more than a couple days, proves how utterly inane and asinine your thinking truly is. How about you redbox the game, give it a chance, and act like a proper adult instead of using poor grammar and insults to grasp at some semblance of an argument?
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I havent played it because I have played 3. Just because you can now jump super high doesnt make it better.

It does make the game play funadmentally different. It feels more like a platformer collect-a-thon like Super mario 64 or Sonic the hedgehog.
I don't mind that because SR4 reminds me of why those types of games were good to begin with.

Quote"No one defending this game and 3 can give me a valid intelligent argument that 1 & 2 werent as good because there is no intelligent argument with the latter half of the series!:"Quote

You, resembling anything that remotely resembles intelligence? Not likely. You're not even arguing kid. You're just upset, throwing a temper tantrum like whiney ass baby.
First off, you never played SR4 you dong bat.
SR 4 is actually the one that most closely resembles SR1 in terms of play mechanics. Even down to the disembodied mixtape.

The clusters give SR4 a more San Andreas feel except you're collecting clusters instead of bags of crack. Oh what, you felt more gangsta or badass when you were collecting crack instead of some scifi cluster ****?

While we did have to spray sewage during one mission and a minigame. The world still felt real and vibrant, even with the voodoo doll boss fight. Even after finishing everything I would still drive around for hours just for fun.

So driving around for hours is fun? Good to know, why not stick to Midnight Club? Even Rockstar's Midnight Club LA was better than Saints Row 2 in terms of both the openworld and the actual driving physics.

I don't need my games to feel real and vibrant. That's why I'm playing a goddamn game. To get away from reality. I used to be a gangsta way back. I'll tell you straight up, Saints Row was never gangsta.
SR1 came the closest but it still felt like a parody of gangsta ****.
SR2 wasn't gangsta at all. (Most of the music on the rap station were all mainstream radio crap. SR1 was the only one that kept it gangsta on the music front.)

SR2 felt more like a Skater game where you customize your character & skating crew, like EA's Skate franchise.
Damn mang, when I think of SR2, I think of that goofy game that felt like some weird hybrid between a wannabe GTA game and Johnny Knoxville's jackass.
Half the cast dressed like goddamn skaters, the actual clothing attire looked like damn skater ****.
Shaundi herself, is a stoner. That's what humorous, she became gangsta in SR3 but everybody wants her to go back to being some skater slut. Make up you mind fools. Do you want SR to be gangsta or not?
Me personally I couldn't care less. I just need a game to entertain me for a little bit when I'm not busy with anything else.

Anyway none of the Saint's gear in SR2 was actually gangsta, save for Johnny Gat's slacks.
It took until SR3 before the series finally started to rep some real gangsta attire. Although SR1 kinda did too but a lot of SR3's gear is based off of SR1. (Not that you ever hear that because most of you "OLDSCHOOL SR FANS" are really just SR2 fans.)
SR1's gear was slightly better coz you could actually choose how to wear your hat.
I don't even bother with hats in SR3 or 4 coz they don't mesh well with the character.
I still prefer SR3 over SR1 coz well, I don't like playing as a mute midget, LOL!
What was he, like 5'5, 5'6?

In SRTT, it was cartoony and over the top silly to make you forget you werent even getting half the game of the last one.

That doesn't even make any sense you whiny ingrate. The two don't correlate.
I agree that SR3 is devoid of content. That game is crap after beat it.
This is what's amusing, y'all fools dissing SR4 but that game actually has a lot to do after you beat it in the form of ped riot & evil car cheat codes just like SR2 but with much better combat.
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Wall of text doesnt make an intelligent argument.

Calling someone "kid" doesnt make you seem smart.

Defending the direction of this game clearly shows your level of maturity.

Next you will post your age and say youre not a kid and call me "kid" again.

SRTT and 4 are really bad and poorly done games. SR is a GTA clone no matter how you look at it. Charging you to buy weapons and vehicles DLC and you are foolishly eating it up. SRTT had waaaay less content but I guess farts in a jar make up for it.
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MetaIhead_AIex posted...
phillyeagles123 posted...
Just bring back the balance of seriousness and silliness that Saints Row 2 had and I'll consider buying it.

4 did exactly that.

You are a super hero fighting aliens in 4...wth are you talking about.
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Face_Lost posted...
MetaIhead_AIex posted...
phillyeagles123 posted...
Just bring back the balance of seriousness and silliness that Saints Row 2 had and I'll consider buying it.

4 did exactly that.

You are a super hero fighting aliens in 4...wth are you talking about.

And the story is a perfect blend of seriousness and silliness just like SR2.

Are you trying to say games have to be realistic to be serious or something? Cause if you are, all I can do is laugh.
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