Can't Find Digital Instruction Manual

#1J0hnnyx182Posted 8/22/2013 1:20:41 PM
I can't find the digital Instruction manual anywhere. I have the console version. If anyone has a link it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
#2thebobevilPosted 8/22/2013 1:23:42 PM
It's in the Extras section of the main menu
#3J0hnnyx182(Topic Creator)Posted 8/22/2013 1:31:58 PM
No its not. All the Extras does is tell me to go to to find Digital Instruction Manual and I cant find anywhere on that site
#4enovak7924Posted 8/22/2013 2:08:04 PM
I typed in my browser to search for "Deep Silver Manuals" it comes up with a link.

I was not able to find how to get to it from the main Saints Row site or even Deep Silver's main site, but that worked.

And its not much anyway - a few pages with the controller layouts for on foot, driving, etc.
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#5J0hnnyx182(Topic Creator)Posted 8/22/2013 2:34:07 PM
Thanks bro
#6SimonJ10kPosted 8/24/2013 7:07:28 AM
I found it at and then selected platform and game and it directed me to a site to view/download a PFD file that was basically the same as the one in the box anyway: