What does v-sync do in options?

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3 years ago#1
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3 years ago#2
Bump would like to know also.
3 years ago#3

Short for Vertical Sync, Vsync is a display option found in some 3-D computer games that allow the gamer to synchronize the frame rate of the game with the monitor refresh rate for better stability. If the Vsync is turned off, gamers might obtain a higher frame rate but this action may introduce artifacts in the game (I.E. screen tearing)

And here is a the explanation for it from wikipedia:

Vertical synchronization
For the graphic option provided by video games, see Frame rate and Refresh rate.

Vertical synchronization (Also vertical sync or VSYNC) separates the video fields. In PAL and NTSC, the vertical sync pulse occurs within the vertical blanking interval. The vertical sync pulses are made by prolonging the length of HSYNC pulses through almost the entire length of the scan line.

The vertical sync signal is a series of much longer pulses, indicating the start of a new field. The sync pulses occupy the whole of line interval of a number of lines at the beginning and end of a scan; no picture information is transmitted during vertical retrace. The pulse sequence is designed to allow horizontal sync to continue during vertical retrace; it also indicates whether each field represents even or odd lines in interlaced systems (depending on whether it begins at the start of a horizontal line, or mid-way through).

The format of such a signal in 525-line NTSC is:

pre-equalizing pulses (6 to start scanning odd lines, 5 to start scanning even lines)
long-sync pulses (5 pulses)
post-equalizing pulses (5 to start scanning odd lines, 4 to start scanning even lines)

Each pre- or post- equalizing pulse consists in half a scan line of black signal: 2 s at 0 V, followed by 30 s at 0.3 V.

Each long sync pulse consists in an equalizing pulse with timings inverted: 30 s at 0 V, followed by 2 s at 0.3 V.

In video production and computer graphics, changes to the image are often kept in step with the vertical synchronization pulse to avoid visible discontinuity of the image. Since the frame buffer of a computer graphics display imitates the dynamics of a cathode-ray display, if it is updated with a new image while the image is being transmitted to the display, the display shows a mishmash of both frames, producing a page tearing artifact partway down the image.

Vertical synchronization eliminates this by timing frame buffer fills to coincide with the vertical blanking interval, thus ensuring that only whole frames are seen on-screen. Software such as video games and computer aided design (CAD) packages often allow vertical synchronization as an option, because it delays the image update until the vertical blanking interval. This produces a small penalty in latency, because the program has to wait until the video controller has finished transmitting the image to the display before continuing. Triple buffering reduces this latency significantly.

Two timing intervals are defined the front porch between the end of displayed video and the start of the sync pulse, and the back porch after the sync pulse and before displayed video. These and the sync pulse itself are called the horizontal blanking (or retrace) interval and represent the time that the electron beam in the CRT is returning to the start of the next display line.

hope that helps
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3 years ago#4
I read the first little bit of that before my brain went "meow meow meow meow".
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3 years ago#5
Also, turn off film grain. Makes the game look a whole lot better.
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3 years ago#6
Ringlercorp posted...
I read the first little bit of that before my brain went "meow meow meow meow".

Sorrymeow aboutmeow thatmeow, imeow reallymeow didmeow notmeow wantmeow tomoew domeow thatmeow, meow meow meow, ah super troopers where would I be with that movie to make me laugh after my first xbox360 red ringed on me
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3 years ago#7

V-Sync on = lower framerate, better looking
V-Sync off = the exact opposite of that.
3 years ago#8
Where's this option at? Although I'm on PS3 so maybe we don't have it... \:
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3 years ago#9
Chipmunk_Sniper posted...
Where's this option at? Although I'm on PS3 so maybe we don't have it... \:

press the start button brings up pause menu, it should be listed under display if not then maybe the PS3 don't need it
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3 years ago#10
V-sync on = worse framerate, but less screen tearing
V-sync off = more stable framerate, but more screen tearing
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