6 New DLC Packs! Pics inside

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2 years ago#31
I want substantial dlc saints row the third dlc blew if this is the same they wont be getting my money again
2 years ago#32
Ill be getting the mission packs if nothing else.
A garbage pod!? Its a smegging garbage pod!
2 years ago#33
I will most likely get the mission packs regardless and pray they take more time then the third's dlc did... 1 or 2 hours for 30 bucks, pft..
2 years ago#34
spikethedevil posted...
RaAssassin posted...
spikethedevil posted...
Believe me I don't like it either, I'm just hoping we get some SR1 and 2 homies with the mission DLC (read Lin)

Oh, most of the hidden audio was cut from the game or replaced with other characters.

Hopefully we will see it as DLC but may be wishful thinking.

They are big on reuse... I can say Donnie wont show up in DLC for sure though, His audio file he was abducted early because the zin thought he would know how to take out the saints for whatever reason, he ended up escaping his pod and the boss finds him roaming around zinyaks ship. Oleg, Josh and Viola all died together. The only two people we don't know about zemos and angel.

I have also read that enter the dominatrix will be some type of "directors cut" of ideas for SR 4 though... So not sure how well that's going to go down, have to wait till October and find out.
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