SOOOOOOO frustrated!! Please help if you can!

#1flavahamPosted 3/30/2012 11:49:54 PM
I just CAN NOT HIT!!! I've turned the sliders down, I've tried all camera angles. I just can't see the pitch. I never can tell if it's a slider, curve, sinker, 4SFB, cut, split, etc... I Just can't. I'm in practice mode and I'm lucky if I get one good result in any mode.

I was guessing FB every time for a while just to get info on the pitch, (if I was wrong I could be pretty sure of an off speed pitch) but I was told that when you are wrong on your guess you don't hit as well, or end up with some sort of penalty to your swing.

I don't know what to do. I love baseball and frankly I think the 2K game is terrible this year. I bought this and would like to enjoy it but I haven't found a way to get this down at all! I'm fine with hitting high .200's and hopefully approaching .300 at some point but this is ridiculous!!
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Read the quote at the bottom of my message and it all makes sense. Just practice and you'll be a 'good performer'. It's not easy.
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I can help, I think. How good are you taking BP? Well, forget the sliders, just put hitting on rookie for a while. Hitting will feel more like batting practice speeds and once you're hitting like no else in baseball history then move up a level. Just remember that even though it's on rookie, the pitch you swing at and where in the zone will greatly effect your success or what type of hit it will be. Fastballs and breakingballs up in the zone are still gonna fly farther and with more success. As far as 1/4 guess pitch/location there are still some tricks that you may not know. In 1/4, even if you guess the right zone and lock on, the ball still doesn't land in the middle of it, so you'll have to use the left-stick to push up/down etc. Also, are you using R2 + right-stick pre-pitch? this helps you either pull the ball, go the other way, hit a fly ball or ground ball. Mess around with it during BP. also, pay attention to the situation you're hitting in when guessing a pitch location or what direction you want to hit the ball. Example, man on 1st with no outs, you're are gonna do R2 + right-stick to the right so you can try and pull the ball and at least move the runner. The game rewards you for trying to play the game right by giving you a pitch you're looking for. And as far as pitch recognition, WAIT WAIT WAIT. When guys like Ryan Howard are hot they always say they're waiting, letting the ball deeper in the zone and then they are better able to recognize the pitch and then smash it over the wall. also, watch the ball coming out of the pitchers hand. Fastballs come out straight, breaking balls loop and have way more movement. Plus, all breaking balls break downward, so don't be swinging up too often on them or you'll have nothing but ground outs. Hope this all helps and wasn't a lot of what you already know. Just remember, WAIT WAIT WAIT, PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE, and don't get frustrated!
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Another thing, don't swing at the first pitch especially if it's a bad pitcher or a pitcher with a really low walk rating/slider. They don't swing first pitch too often in the majors and this game knows that. Taking the first pitch will more often help you get your pitch later in the count then if you swing first at a fastball borderline strike or a breaking ball that drops into the middle of the zone. If you take ball 1 on the first pitch then guess fastball, if its not a fastball then take the pitch or look for it to be a breaking ball down the middle. Once you get ahead 2-0 then you can really get selective with what pitch you want and where you want it. The game will reward you with the pitch you want more often because YOU'RE PLAYING THE RIGHT WAY. Although, sometimes if you're facing a top guy like Roy Halladay or Cliff Lee then the strategy might be to jump on them early in the game before their pitch confidence gets high; and those guys are more likely to throw a hitter friendly strike first or second pitch because they are way more affective ahead in the count. And beware once you get runners on base with those guys, because they all have high a clutch rating and can really bare down and start dropping in breaking balls for strikes that really aren't hittable. Pitch guessing and location guessing might not be the best option here. Almost like you have to wait for him to make a mistake in the middle of the zone. again, this game rewards you for playing with a baseball 101 mentality.
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Only one thing to add, DON"T USE 1/4 GUESS PITCH!! It's broken.
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Why do you say it's broken?
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