The Life and Glory of Nelson Puggs!!!!!

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3 years ago#1
18 Year old Nelson Puggs sits in his dorm of Blowling Green University studying for his brain surgeon masters degree but he can't help think about an event happening just a few miles away...the MLB draft is heppening and Nelson is expected to go #1 overall because of his pwer, large size and base stealing skill. Nelson just wants to be drafted to the Reds so he can stay local and help his uncle Irvin's 33 year pickled egg business in his own home, a perfect world.
Suddenly the radio comes on and news breaks "We intereupt this show to announce that Nelson Puggs has been drafted 3rd overall to the Blue Jays" Number 3??? Ah well at least I was drafted and will be a star Wrinkles" he says to his dog.

Off to New Hampshire and he suddenly becomes best friends with a young OF named Travis Snider who shows Nelson the ropes and protects him at the plate. After 4 months Nelson is hitting .429 and has 42 HR and 84 RBI. Promotion time! As the good-byes were difficult to his FisherCats friends, Nelson put on a strong face to move up to bigger briter things. All he wants is simply be a Hall Of Famer one day and his life will be complete. Right away Nelson and AAA manager butt heads. As the franchise player in vegas and the star Nelson steal bags all the time but the manager benches him for it. New Vegas best friend Kyle Drabek calmed Nelson down "Hey man, you have potential to be a Hall Of Famer, cool down dawg". Suddenly the local newspaper had an article saying there is a conspiracy and gambling ring that the manager wants the 51's to lose so he benches Nelson for being great.

After 2 months in AAA Puggs has 31 HR and 68 RBI. Then it happened......................... The ringtone to JT's Bring Se*y Back plays on his phone "Its Nelson. Who Dis" It was the GM of the Jays. "Nelson you are now a Toronto Blue Jay and we have never been more excited for any player. Be here in the morning the newspaper here wants to do a three pager on you."
Nelson is in the Bigs now!!! Updates to follow...

-Please rate my career stories and let me kow if you want To Be continued........(PS don't respond if you are one of the haters you know who u are homes)
3 years ago#2
Ahhh hell yes. Nelson u should start a baseball blog. Never know what you will say next.
3 years ago#3
Glad you like!! We will see how the majors will treat this kid! Blue Jays manager John Farrell better be a nice guy! LOL
3 years ago#4
Nice. Sounds like some good hitting.
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3 years ago#5
The Atmosphere here in Toronto is electric. the fans are focued on baseball because their prized team the Leafs hockey are not in playoffs again. the 3 page spread in the toronto paper was all about Nelson Puggs and what to expect (50hr/50sb season). many people are reminded of a young Cecil Fielder who played for the Jays in the 80's , the article talked about all his similar qualities to Prince Fielder. After shooting his photo spread and answering media questions, Nelson got close to one of the hot dog girls at Rogers center and needless to say this hot dog girl was 'Hot". They are now dating and she is in all the newspapers as Nelson's big flame. Nelson suddenly became best friends with catcher JP Arecibia after JP was impressed with his power swing "Damn Puggsy, that is a phat swing homey. Lets have dinner - rookie pays! LOL"
Things in Toronto could be pretty sweet for Nelson Puggs. His debut is later this afternoon vs Seattle. Stay tuned
3 years ago#6
sounds cool.

the offensive numbers are a little high but to each his own i guess.
3 years ago#7
I hope to see puggsy still hittin up the local wendys. Don't wanna see him get too big time. Maybe a spicy chicken sandwich once in awhile
3 years ago#8
I dont hate you Nelson and im not tryin to hate but S*** back? Really?
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3 years ago#9
@jdawg - I don't understand what you are asking bro.
3 years ago#10
Of all the songs you pick from to write in your story, u choose that one?
PSN Name:Hjonez777
Do you fear death?
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