New to Baseball games..Tips would be great

#1remaster1989Posted 4/13/2012 8:15:08 PM

I started a Road to the show and made a pitcher..but im a bit confused on some of my stats to lvl all the H/9 and BB/9 or stuff like that...Also what is the advantage and disadvante of the pitching types? because right now im using the Pulse but is classic better? or is there an even better way to go? any tips at all would be greatly appreciated

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I'm curious about h/9 myself. I don't know if maybe batters just don't get as many quality hits off of you if you have a high stat in this area.

Same with HR/9. I wonder if maybe opposing batters have less chance to hit power shots against you if you have a high stat.

But BB/9 is a BS stat. Don't raise it unless you have to for advancement goals. Pitchers have too many stats to fill up that putting any training point son BB/9 is an absolute waste. You either hit the corners or you don't. Unless you are simming, I cant see how BB/9 is a factor in RTTS for your pitcher.

As far as control options, all I can say is play with a few of them and see what you are comfortable with. I prefer to pitch with the meter. I feel it's the best most accurate way to pitch. "Classic" is too variable. Even great pitchers will rarely hit the exact spot you set. As far as Pulse, Analog, and Meter pitching controls go, it's all about personal preference.

With a RTTS starting pitcher I would focus on building my fastball first. Then I focus on control for my thee pitches. I wouldn't bother learning a fourth pitch for awhile. Location is more important than having a fourth pitch in my opinion.

And remember to adjust your sliders if you have to. Put the sliders in your favor until you get the hang of the controls if you have to. There's no shame in it. Just slowly wean yourself off of them as you get better.
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Thank you