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How many save slots does this game have? (Archived)pennylessz13/8 12:40AM
Boy or girl?! (Archived)phil3210157/20/2013
The Final Boss Sucks (Archived)AP124625/12/2013
Final Boss (Archived)serlkamb13/20/2013
How many times did you die? (Archived)paper_water111/15/2012
Okami (Archived)Ruff_Puff211/12/2012
Aftermarket 3DS Battery PowerPak+ keeps resetting Rock Garden (Step Count) (Archived)FirstNintendork18/29/2012
Game is on sale on the eShop this weekend only for $4.99 (NA only) (Archived)OtherSuperPhil17/6/2012
When you beat Expert mode, does it add your Deaths from the first time thru? (Archived)FirstNintendork17/1/2012
Rock Garden Unlockables (unarchived by me) (Archived)weregoingunion16/18/2012
Rock Garden Unlockables (Archived)Capashie25/10/2012
should i get Zombie Slayer Diox or Sakura Samurai: Art of the Sword? (Archived)Supa_Man145/1/2012
Pushmo or Sakura Samurai?? HELP (Archived)
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last boss help please (Archived)ffviiifreak34/26/2012
Guys who run at you?! (Archived)Joeplork44/21/2012
The 3d in this game is amazing! (Archived)andizzle2966243/16/2012
NEVER buying a game based on GameFAQ's acclaim again. (Archived)_crashbfan_33/16/2012
Lock-on issues (Archived)NeoGutsman53/10/2012
This game lags. Wait for enemy to attack, press button and... (Archived)
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Wait, is the main character a guy? (Archived)
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