This game is amazing

#1chocoboragePosted 2/10/2013 8:44:55 PM
I was born with one hand, i have no right arm, just a shoulder. My brother told me about this game, and we laughed about it for a while, expecting it to be a joke, but I decided to play it anyway. I just finished my second play through and I feel relieved. The insecurities and the small problems the characters face are so accurate. My first time playing I went through Rin's good ending and just sat there staring at my computer for a few hours. I've never played a game that, while having a pretty ridiculous concept, can make me feel so many things. This game is really quite amazing, in a lot more ways than the average player will pick up on.
#2mastahjebusPosted 2/11/2013 1:43:18 AM
If you got Rin's good ending on your first try, Kudos. I got her bad ending and then I got her neutral ending. Both of them make it feel like you got kicked in the nuts. The good ending is good, but not as dramatic as Hanako's. Oh my lord Hanako's gave me the feels.

Rin's story was superb, though. I really came to love her character much more than Emi, Shizune, and even Hanako.
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Rin's route is pretty good. I believe a lot of the narration was quite excessive for a visual novel, but none the less it's good. You should try out other VNs too if you liked this.
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