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Official "Who's Your Favorite Girl?" Poll (Poll)
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Should I pursue in completing the game 100% (bad endings and all)? (Archived)Laefen89/2/2013
Finished my first play through. (Archived)DarthJoolNoret48/30/2013
So I wiped out my entire game so I could start completely from scratch... (Archived)VampLordAdamaru58/22/2013
ITT: the story of how Katawa changed my life. (Archived)fallenswords88/9/2013
I'm a grownass man who got suckered into playing This by a coworker (Archived)
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after finishing all the paths, am slightly dissapointed (Archived)travisem1637/23/2013
So it's Hanako's birthday today. (Archived)Cucumberflant67/13/2013
Made a video about Katawa Shoujo. (Archived)NotoriousZRV47/5/2013
The feels evade me (Archived)MachDragon47/5/2013
Any free, English VNs I can download? (Archived)
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I just finished my very first playthrough of Katawa Shoujo last night (Archived)
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Lilly's Route (Archived)
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do i need to use a walkthrough to experience all the game? (Archived)exionn26/18/2013
Narcissu and Narcissu Side 2nd (spoilers) (Archived)LuminousMeteor16/11/2013
Final Thoughts (Archived)MilesvBritannia76/10/2013
Emi's Route (Archived)MilesvBritannia86/9/2013
Beat the game woo. (Archived)hyperknees91106/8/2013
Went through my first playthrough today *possible Emi spoilers* (Archived)
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Shizune's Route (Archived)MilesvBritannia56/4/2013
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