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Favorite Girl (Poll)
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Did the guy who came up with the concept for KS... (Archived)Hanako_Scars94/16/2013
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Just a pointless, "I love this game" topic!!! (Archived)
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Wasn't it a "little" irresponsible? *spoilers* (Archived)KOFXIII84/4/2013
An idea came to me while taking a shower after watching les miserables. (Archived)Kaushad63/31/2013
Damn OST. It's like having portable feels. (Archived)Garhinder53/31/2013
Can you date Misha? (Archived)calvin_053/31/2013
Why so many characters are Japanese? And why is the title in Japanese, anyway? (Archived)
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The feels... (Archived)
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