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4 years ago#1
Hello I have legendary access so when I go to download this dlc I get an error, "the content cannot be accessed on this account, no idea why this is happening I can access any other game on the psn store, any ideas?
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4 years ago#2
Yeah me too. We get the exact same message everytime we tried. I hope Sony knows they pissed off a household of 3 players in 1 fowl swoop.
4 years ago#3
because you already have it downloaded Free. Legendary Is AUTO download when you Update the game. Make a New Char you will see you have access to the power. Look at your feat list you will see the new feats too
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4 years ago#4
yeah well i bought it off the site and when i try and go into the new area it says that i dont have it and wont let me enter. i called them and the lady said she was gonna send it to the "in game" whatever that is and to check back in a week. a week? they have my money now. this is insane.

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